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Pirate Haiku
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What is a Haiku?

A haiku is a poem with three lines and only 17 syllables. The first and third lines of the poem gotta have exactly five syllables. And the middle line must have seven.

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Your Haiku

competing to lose
by Zane

Since the beginning.
I don’t seem to be winning
My heart, lost to you.

Davey Jones
by JT

call no man lucky
who can walk above the ground
sail on Davey Jones

Don’t wake me!
by Brent Marin

Me mate slammed the door
While I was asleep so I
Slammed it his foot

When Pirates Vote
by Brent Marin

When voting, pirates
Look at only one issue
That being gun rights

by Bloodpirate Brüsken

shiver me timbers!
ye are stealin’ my haiku,
off with yer fingers!

Pirate Candy
by Brent Marin

Dentists give apples
For Halloween so why can’t
Pirates give out rum?

Haiku by Brent Marin

Pirates don’t make good
Bartenders because they serve
Themselves before guests

by Riita

Lost on stormy seas
Far from a friendly harbor
Pirate feels Alive!

Bilge Rats!
by Katherine Bone

Bilge rats scurry past
A dram of rum’s me deck hand
Hoisted all but sail

Ode to the Haiku Pirate
by Stela W

Pirate Haiku guy
you’re hilarious and you
made me spew my rum!

Chanty Haiku
by Alicia

Sixteen men on a
Dead man’s chest; yo ho ho and
A bottle of rum

by Brent Marin

Just paid my taxes
Politicians are the best
Pirates of all time

Pirates Shouldn’t Smoke
by Brent Marin

My ship is destroyed
The new rule is no smoking
Near the gunpowder

A Pirate’s Sense of Direction
by Brent Marin

Headed to Japan
Compass says East my sense West
We hit Alaska

Pirates Shouldn’t Smoke

by Brent Marin

My ship is destroyed
The new rule is no smoking
Near the gunpowder

Footless Joe
by Capt. Whale Blubber Rush

Arg me achin peg
With saltwater in me veins
One shoe to buckle

Pirate Pain

by Brent Marin (Theme from Scott)

A cannonball to
The arse doesn’t hurt as much
as a kidney stone

Creepy Pirates
by Jordan Mackey

There’s always a creep
Among the rum-thirsty crew
Who will spy on you

Pirates Protect the Rum
by Nathan Mackey

Pirates need order
And someone to give the boot
To who hogs the rum

Save the last dance for me
by Charlene Murphy

If you ever see
a pirate with just one leg
ask him for a dance

Pirates end
by Charlene Murphy

Sailing the old ship
walking the plank with one leg
parrot on shoulder

Where do the Pirates Go?
by Rachel Leigh

As a last resort
Piracy is a good job
Once one’s deported

Emotional Pirates
by Linda Nebel

Pirates scavenge loot
Why won’t they share some with me
Selfish of the sea.

Haiku by Watson

Me one-eyed parrot
bested that ninja’s monkey
with his one eye closed.

Protect Yer Jewels, Pirates!
by Scott Marin

Man area kicks
hurt a lot more than face kicks
Curse those darn ninjas!

Why We Women Love the Rum!
by Kelly Mackey

Wenches like strong rum
It covers pirate stenches
with flowery smells

A Pirate Party
by Brent Marin

Any pirate knows
A party ain’t any good
Without whole wheat buns

Rum an’ wat not
by Cap’n Bass

I like te’ drink rum
It gets me all te’ lasses
‘cept when i’m passed out

Face Kicks
by Brent Marin

My face kicks hurt more
Than ninja’s because ninja
Never thought about cleats

My Haiku
by Dolan

I am a Pirate Aye!
Who searches seas at night!
With me mateys! aye!

Shiver me timbers
by David

Shiver me timbers,
Cold winds blow across me bow,
Make sail; homeward-bound.

by Jeff Edwards

Ye scurvy bilge rat
Drinks me rum, steals me booty
Ye must walk the plank!

Modern Pirates
by Ginger Beard Bob

Skull and cross bones
Motor boats and machine guns
Somali pirates ARGH!


Full Stop
by Samuel Tunes

On reading these words
Time, however fleetingly
Brings you nearer death

by Shirley Smothers

The anger and rage
Simmers below the surface
Must control the beast