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Now listen 'ere mateys. Old Cap'n One Leg is a right tough pirate, for certain. But he don't take kindly to foul languages nor magic pictures when there's ladies and wee ones about. So if ye be havin' a link and ye'd like it posted 'ere then make sure it's PG 13. No exceptions! The Cap'n don't take kindly to lyin' bilge rats and if he finds ye out you'll be tastin' the Cap'n's steel and beggin' to be sent to Davy Jones locker!

'ere's some Fancy Rags!

'ere be a link on the history of piracy! Lies! Lies!
ThinkQuest: History of Piracy

'ere be a translator to 'elp you savvy the pirate in yer life!
English-to-Pirate Translator

A link to some secret parlay's of yer fellow buccaneers! Keep it to yer self! We don't want no unexpected visitors showin' up who might be flyin' Billy Jack!
Pirate Festivals

If you've got a link yer pesterin' me to hang, drop me a message in a bottle an I'll give it all due consideration!

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