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Pirate Haiku
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What is a Haiku?

A haiku is a poem with three lines and only 17 syllables. The first and third lines of the poem gotta have exactly five syllables. And the middle line must have seven.

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Please allow a few days for the Pirate to get over his latest rum drinkin’, gamblin’ and raidin’ binge to review yer haiku and double count your syllables before it gets posted to this site! Or it’s the chum bucket for ye!

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Listen up poppets. The Cap’n be warnin’ ya. If you leave yer posted Haiku here it’s automatically the property of One Leg Sterling’s public representative Michael P. Spradlin and it gives him all rights to use said haiku in any future editions or collections of books or any other media or to his successors or assigns (that be lawyer talk, mateys! We fed a lawyer to the Sharks once, but then once he was in the water we couldn’t tell the difference, Arrrghhh!). So keep ye million dollar idear’s to yerself, because I will be a usin’ ‘em to my advantage. After all: Pirate.