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How Do You Haiku?

So, you wanna write yer own bloody haiku? Let me give ya landlubbers the orders:

I learned to write this style of poetry while marooned on an island off the coast of Japan.

First, ye gotta know that one haiku is a poem with three lines and only 17 syllables. The first and third lines of the poem gotta have exactly five syllables. And the middle line must have seven. If not, then it’s time for yer floggin’ because it ain’t no haiku.

‘ere is an example from me book:

“Here comes the navy [five syllables]

Damn, we have no cannonballs [seven syllables]

Who didn’t pack them?” [five syllables]

Now that’s a single haiku, mateys, but ye can put together multiple haikus into one poem, like me book. If this is the course ye be choosin’, then each haiku within the poem is called a stanza.
Now, get to yer writin’ or to the sharks go ye!

‘ere is some helpful links, if ye or yer crew needs more learnin’!

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