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The Pirates Be Comin’!

And no ye sea dogs, I don’t mean the ones from Pittsburgh. I’m talkin’ o’ course about the scurvy sea dog Jack Sparrow who in 20 short days will be back at the magic picture palace in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and pilferin’ all ye hard earned plunder jes to see more a’ his lies!

Well never let it be said that One Leg Sterling (and a far superior pirate to Sparrow, I might add) don’t have a sense a’ fun. Jes because ole Jack is spinnin’ lies I figure ye all, the best crew there is, should get some swag will we celebrate a month of Pirate hijinks.

An exciting tale of sea-faring during the Napoleonic Wars!

So, all month long, I’ll be holdin’ contests here at Pirate Haiku headquarters and over on the Facebook Fan Page. And to start it off, you can win 2 free Piratey books for the wee ones, both signed by the authors! The first is PIRATES

A Pirate Book to start out yer wee poppets library

and the second is THUNDER FROM THE SEA! beautiful picture books to add to yer wee poppets library!

Here’s what ye got to do to win! Post a Pirate Haiku here on the site. That’s it! I’ll be pickin’ two winners at the end of the month! Enter as many times as you like but only the two best Haikuists will win.

Remember…both of these books be scrawled on by the authors! Which I hear tell makes ’em more valuable. Put on yer tri-cornered thinkin’ hat and start scribblin’! And may the best Haiku’s win!


One Leg Sterling


  1. Jay D Koenig says:

    A pirate walks into the bar. the bartender looks at him and sees that he has a boat wheel on the front of his pants, so he asks “Whats up with the wheel?” The pirate answers…”Arrr its driving me nuts!!! “

  2. Tim Henry says:

    Pir’ates life for me
    Rum women and song for me
    A short Mer’ry life

  3. Jay D Koenig says:

    Me and my wench
    went out for a stitch.
    after the ship tied in the dock

    We drank, we sang, told tales
    of ports in far lands
    of gold and treasure
    beyond weight or measure…

    Then i woke up in chains in the