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Pirate Haiku
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A Pirate’s Life for Me

Arrgh! Ahoy Mateys
Pirates never talk like that
Except in theme parks.

Welcome to yer official Website for Pirate Haiku: Bilge Sucking Poems of Booty, Grog and Wenches for Scurvy Sea Dogs. This here is a family friendly site bringin’ the book to a vast (ha! He said avast!) audience of buccaneers and landlubbers. So spend some time pokin’ around. Then I suggest ye raid yer local bookstore for yer own copy (no stealin’ it either! Thar be time for plunder later).

What’s a haiku ye say? It’s a form a poetry made famous by the Japanese (and watch out for ninja’s while ye be about this here site. The bilge-rats can turn invisible!) The first line of yer poem has five syllables, then the next line seven and the last line five! It’s easy and fun so write yer own pirate-themed haiku and post it ‘ere! But keep it PG-13 or it’s the cat-o-nine tails for yer sorry hide!

Thar be many more fun things fer you an yours to do here at Vote fer yer favorite Pirate! Read the celebrity guest haiku! And most important tell all yer friends!

Watch this site for where the pirate will be raidin’ at bookstores and libraries near you. And if you don’t show up I’ll have Blackbeard’s Ghost himself pay you a visit!

Until next time!


One Leg Sterling


  1. Brent Marin says:

    Ayy! These be the best and funniest haikus I’ve ever laid me eyes on and I’d say the same for this here author’s other books, except they ain’t all haikus.

  2. Big Red says:

    Avast yer bleedin’ freebooter! Yer lookin’ t’be shark bait or what? Never t’ought I’d live t’see the day when a respectable bucko goes about spoutin’ some lubberish Japanese bilge. If yer fixed on countin’ lines and such, ’tis a grand British sonnet ye’ll be wantin’, t’be sure, not some foreign shilly-shally. Get on wid it, boyo. Yer embarrassin’ yerself.

  3. Doubloon Diane says:

    Are there doubloons for writing a Pirate Haiku???